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Guo Wanqing, senior adviser of Provincial Mayors Association, visited our company

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  On the morning of June 13, 2014, Guo Wanqing, senior adviser of Provincial Mayors association and former deputy director of provincial People's Congress; Wang Jingning, deputy director of the Committee of Economy of the CPPCC Provincial Committee; Sheng Zhigang, vice President of Huishang Development Research Institute; He Zihong, Secretary-General of Provincial Mayors Association, and other party members came to our company to conduct an investigation on the selection activity of "2013 Top ten Counties (cities, districts) & Development Zone of Anhui Investment Environment". Our general manager Cheng Zhenshuo and deputy general manager Wu Jianming accompanied the investigation team to visit the R&D technology building, workshops and storage tank farm, etc., and introduced the development status of the company in detail.


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