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employment ideality

  Employment philosophy:

  There is a virtue and a talent to break the rules and reuse

  He who has virtue has no use

  No virtue, no talent

  No virtue, no talent, no use

  Earnestness first, cleverness second

  Result first, reason second

  Speed first, perfection second (action is gold)

  Three heart standard:

  1. Moral character: The quality of moral character is the basic condition for selecting and employing people. Carrying forward the "altruistic spirit" is the starting point and end point of all our work, which requires us to treat problems in a way that benefits customers and the company.

  2, stable heart: whether ordinary employees, or cadres, must have a calm heart, to the post work to sink down, hard can compensate for clumsy, based on the position, that is, to have confidence in the development of the enterprise, but also to establish their own determination and confidence, in a planned way on the post to do a career out.

  3, learning heart: first of all, learn to cooperate with people, deal with the relationship between people and enterprises, this is the real purpose of learning, learn to behave, learn to survive; Secondly, through learning, I can help myself to constantly improve and understand the new environment, new things and new requirements after the reform, so as to continuously improve my ability, work and performance, and maintain my knowledge and skills to meet the requirements of the development of the enterprise. Succeed in front of others and gain respect.


  Everyone strives to be a sunflower (meaning: loyalty to the enterprise, centripetal force, full of positive energy)

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