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Chairman speech


  As the chairman of the company, I often think about a question: what kind of enterprise do we want to become? I think it is to continuously create value for customers and focus on business; to create a future for employees to achieve both spiritual and material harvest; to take responsibility for the society and create a harmonious development enterprise. Since its establishment in 2000, we have kept the above ideas in mind and put them into practice. In the past ten years, we focus on the epoxy system, deeply cultivate the epoxy system, and are committed to the production, sales and research and development of solid epoxy resin and epoxy resin diluent. From an ordinary small factory with low technology content, we have become a national high-tech enterprise with transnational exchange and cooperation. 

  We pay attention to environmental protection: the harmonious development of man and nature. 

  Environment is the basis of human survival, in the process of rapid development of enterprises, we always remember the responsibility of environmental protection. In order to realize the sustainable development of the company, we have invested more than 40 million yuan in the construction and transformation of environmental protection facilities in recent years. The investment in environmental protection has also made our one-step water washing solid epoxy resin become an enterprise consulted by the Ministry of environmental protection of the people's Republic of China, and won the silver medal for environmental protection issued by BASF, an international chemical giant. 

  We adhere to customer-oriented: create value for customers. 

  "Creating value for customers" is our core business philosophy. We always adhere to working side by side with customers, actively listen to the voice of customers, take the ability to bring value to customers as the standard to measure all internal work, and establish long-term partnership with domestic well-known listed enterprises, multinational companies and the world's top 500. We continue to innovate in science and technology, increase R & D investment, constantly improve circulation, and constantly meet the needs of customers The concept of "creating value for customers" is practiced in practice. 

  We advocate altruistic culture: establish "symbiotic" corporate culture.  

  As a responsible enterprise, we should establish the heart of "altruism". First of all, it should be beneficial to the customers, and then to the employees; to establish the "altruistic" heart of the employees is to establish the feelings of benefiting the customers first, then the colleagues, and finally benefiting themselves, so as to realize the employees' material culture and realize the employees' spiritual culture, so as to change the work for livelihood into the interest and enjoyment, and strive to build a symbiotic and happy enterprise. 

  Hair in the drop, line in the heart; melt in the intersection, Sheng in the long term. Huizhou is the birthplace of Huizhou studies, Huizhou cuisine, Huizhou opera and Huizhou merchants, and Huizhou merchants were one of the larger business groups in Ming and Qing Dynasties. As the chairman of the company, I will be duty bound to lead all the staff of the company, uphold the enterprise values of "team, responsibility, innovation and self-examination", undertake the responsibility of "inheriting Huizhou culture and rising new Huizhou merchants", and strive to be a modern new Huizhou businessman. 

Cheng Zhenshuo, Chairman of Anhui HengYuan Group

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