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Foam material

Founded In 2019, PolyCore Advanced New Materials Co., Ltd. Is A Global Leader In High-End Foaming Core Materials. The Company's Products Are In Line With The Social Lightweight Development Trend And The National Industrial Science And Technology Policy. The Products Are Widely Used In Wind Power, High-Speed Railway, Subway, Ship, Automobile, Construction, Packaging And Other Fields. The Company's Dry-Free PET Extruding Foaming Series Products, Products With Excellent Mechanical Properties, Good Heat Resistance, Excellent Anti-Fatigue Performance, As Well As The Advanced Core Technology, By The Chinese Academy Of Sciences Expert Expert Evaluation, The Overall Technology Has Reached The International Advanced Level, Part Of The Technology Has Reached The International Leading Level.

Annual Output Of 31000 Tons Of Foam Core Material Products Of The Company Is The Development Of The Huangshan City Convention Signed Project, Is Domestic First Set Of Wind Power With A Foam Core Material Products Company, Has A Certain Technology, Market Strategy, And The Company Has With The Domestic And Foreign Large Blade Agency Agreement Signed The Production Line, A Period Of Six Production Lines Have Been Built And Put Into Production, Production And Marketing Of Two Popular Products According To The Order Delivery.

The Company Plans To Build 15 New Foaming Core Material Production Lines In Huizhou In The Next Three Years, With A Design Capacity Of 75,000 Tons, Sales Revenue Of 1.87 Billion Yuan After Completion, And Annual Tax Of 188 Million Yuan Or More.


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