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Talent strategy

  Enterprises have three levels of knowledge


  Knowledge -- knowledge -- courage

  Knowledge: School knowledge, educational level; Knowledge is the foundation.

  Experience: action + knowledge, application, experience, learning to use; Insight is a pillar.

  Courage: Innovative thinking, courageous and resourceful in work, able to put forward practical Suggestions for improvement, capable of taking responsibility and implementing them effectively; Courage is value.

  Talent concept

  Unity of knowledge and action, action is gold, 10 ideas are not as good as one action.

  The company encourages innovation in every position and field, tolerates failure, has the idea to act.

  Suitable for the position is talent.

  Career path

  New Graduate's entry → rotational internship → fixed post internship → Fixed post → Promotion (transfer)

  Technical channel: Technician → Apprentice engineer → Assistant Engineer → Intermediate engineer → Senior engineer → Chief Engineer

  Management channel: staff → group leader → Director → manager → Director → (deputy) general manager

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