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Industrial Internet

Industrial Internet is based on Internet technology and ecology, reshape and transform the industrial chain and internal value chain of each vertical industry, thus forming the Internet Ecology of vertical industry.

The industrial Internet is a new economic form. It makes full use of information technology and Internet platform to give full play to the optimization and integration role of the Internet in the allocation of production factors, realize the deep integration of the Internet and traditional industries, deepen the innovative application results of the Internet in the economic, scientific and technological, military, people's livelihood and other economic and social subdivision fields, and finally enhance the whole vertical industry Production efficiency and circulation efficiency.

The purpose of the platform is to build a data sharing platform integrating the vertical industry chain and value chain of chemical industry, such as chemical industry, plastics industry and new material industry. Through the structured processing of various big data such as upstream and downstream enterprises, products, services, contacts, information, etc., the chemical industry library platform has customized and designed an intelligent recommendation engine for industrial big data with thousands of people to create a chemical practitioner It is a necessary industrial intelligence data bank.


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