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Anhui Hengyuan (Group) Chemical Co., LTD. 2013 Year-end Summary Meeting & 2014 Spring Festival Sodality

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  Gather positive energy, boost spirit and create a new situation

  On January 28, 2014, Hengyuan (Group) Chemical Co., Ltd. held the 2013 annual summary and Commendation conference in Howard Johnson Hotel, New Hualian, Huangshan. At the meeting, Chairman Cheng Zhenshuo summarized the operation results of Hengyuan group in 2013, analyzed the current problems faced by the enterprise, and arranged the objectives and tasks of the company's operation plan in 2014. At the meeting, outstanding employees, advanced workers and outstanding grass-roots management cadres were commended.

  The meeting required that all employees should further boost their spirits and make new achievements in their respective positions, so as to make efforts to become a first-class manufacturer of epoxy resin products in China and a world-renowned manufacturer of epoxy resin active diluent, the first in China and the first-class manufacturer in the world, and jointly build a beautiful dream of hengyuan.

  Hengyuan (Group) Spring Festival Gathering in 2014

  On the noon of January 28, 2014, more than 400 employees of Hengyuan (Group) gathered in Howard Johnson Hotel, New Hualian, Huangshan, to hold the annual staff Welcome Spring Festival Party. All the programs of the club come from all departments of the company. The programs include songs, dances, musical instrument performances, martial arts performances, allegro and other wonderful contents, which show the festive atmosphere of hengyuan employees striving to make progress, unity and harmony.

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