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Anhui Xinyuan Technology Co., Ltd. interesting games briefing

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In order to enrich the spare time cultural life of the company's employees, stimulate their enthusiasm for physical exercise, improve their physical quality, show their healthy, energetic, United, cooperative, harmonious and friendly spirit, strengthen the communication between various departments of the company, enhance team cohesion and cultivate their ability to cooperate with each other, On the afternoon of September 29, an interesting sports meeting for employees was held in the company.


Group photo


The fun games include mini bowling, five people and six feet, fun relay, track dribbling, fruit watching, invincible wind and fire wheel, etc., which attracted 60 employees.


Mini bowling


Five people and six feet


Track dribble


Fun relay


The most challenging thing in the Games is track dribbling. This project requires strong coordination and cooperation of team members. The ball falls on the track constantly during the game, but the team members can carry forward the spirit of unity and hard work, and the whole game process is full of fun.

Enjoy yourself, relax your mood, enjoy yourself, and release your pressure. By holding this interesting sports meeting, it has greatly enriched the amateur cultural life of employees, fully reflected the concept of "hard work and happy life", let employees enjoy the joy brought by the sports meeting, further enhanced the cohesion and centripetal force of the enterprise and greatly stimulated the work enthusiasm of employees.

Human Resources Department

September 30, 2021

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