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Listen to the heart, care for growth —— University Symposium in 2019

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At 16:00 p.m. on October 31, 2019, the company held a symposium for college students who entered the company in 2019. 37 college students from various departments attended the symposium. He Yunchao, deputy general manager of the company, Bao Jun, assistant to the general manager, and Zhan manliang, director of human resources department, attended the forum and exchanged views with college students.


The forum was held to better understand the new college students' opinions and suggestions on the company's living arrangements and work management, fully mobilize the enthusiasm and initiative of college students to participate in the company management, further enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of company management and service work, better understand the work and life of college students, and better listen to college students The voice of our hearts. In the atmosphere of equality, relaxation and openness, all college students put forward their opinions and reasonable suggestions on their work and life.


At the forum, Mr. Bao first made clear the purpose and significance of the forum. He pointed out that this forum is an important part of the company's management feedback. The purpose of this forum is to listen to the opinions and suggestions of college students on the company's management, so as to lay a good foundation for further improving the living environment of the company and improving the management level. At the forum, everyone spoke actively, with a warm atmosphere, equality and harmony, freely fed back the problems existing in the company and the support they needed, and put forward good opinions and suggestions. The company's executives carefully recorded, listened carefully, and answered some problems on site.

General manager he concluded that the company will sort out, study and solve the opinions and suggestions put forward by college students as soon as possible, and strive to create a better working and living environment for everyone. The college students present also said that they can not blindly ask the company how to do, many things will start from their own, strict with themselves, and eventually will progress and develop together with the company.

Through this forum, it has promoted communication, enhanced understanding, deepened feelings, and played a positive role in promoting college students' participation in various aspects of the company's management.

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