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Can the epoxy resin industry chain end this year?

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  This week, the three products of the domestic epoxy resin industrial chain all show different degrees of rise. Driven by the strong raw material BISphenol A, the epoxy resin offers more than 1000 yuan/ton. The other raw material epichlorohydrin is also unable to resist the desire to raise the price. So, can the epoxy industrial chain end?

  First of all, bisphenol A is not low at present. Sinopec Mitsui, Nanya Plastics (Ningbo) and other plants maintain normal production. Sinopec Mitsubishi, Nantong Xingxing and Changchun Chemical Industry co., LTD., operating load is around 8-90%, and monthly supply remains above 80,000 tons. However, the bearish sentiment in the early stage was released and the operation was relatively conservative, which reduced the import volume and caused the tight situation of the supply circulation for a time. Producers also took advantage of the upstream raw material adjustment to create more favorable conditions for BISphenol A, allowing the rally to continue in full swing, eventually breaking the 11,000 yuan/ton mark, A record high since 2015.

  In the case of epichlorohydrin, the early rise is closely related to the downturn in this period. According to previous experience, any excessive rise of epichlorohydrin will inevitably cause disgust in the downstream and make the high price nominal. But the domestic factory inventory continuously overstocked, can only let the price promotion, the price once again returned to the trough. This time, due to the shortage of raw material glycerin, plus propylene rising continuously, the factory has long been willing to support the market under the pressure of cost, plus Haili Dafeng, Shandong Hebang, Ningbo Huan Yang plant shutdown, other factories start load is low, the supply side is slightly tight, in the main plant after the increase in the offer, a new round of growth began.

  Early, in the face of double raw materials a strong weak, epoxy resin factory catch-up, part of the offer has more than 2000 yuan/ton higher, while the epoxy chloropropane swept away the early stage of the haze, high prices, some overwhelmed stop offer resin factory, industry especially, on the one hand, concerns about cost pressures are high, on the other hand, factory existing orders for the previous order at a lower price, more accounting cost down on the high side, raised after new single quotation, also have no ability to order, and can only be positive settlement of the early stage of the contract.

  In the aftermarket, the raw material BISphenol A since the price "broke", broke through the psychological level of the industry, its volume is also increasingly shrinking, showing A high shrinkage state. While epichlorohydrin rose on the first signs of rising prices, the downstream sector is already weak and low inventory, and expectations for the future market are not optimistic. Epoxy resin in the sensitive period of high financial pressure at the end of the year, the higher the risk of the higher up, while trying to move up also need to be cautious and appropriate, so as to make a perfect year-end close.

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