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Announcement of the application project of Cheng Zhenshuo, Li Dazhi and others for the Outstanding Achievement Award in Scientific Research (Science and Technology) of the Ministry of Education

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  My company Cheng Zhenshuo "(former name: antibacterial) for 4 persons," lee a lot of money for 8 persons, anhui new far technology co., LTD., for the fourth complete unit project intends to nominate recommended to declare the Ministry of Education science outstanding achievement, science and technology projects, the project name for "epoxy derivatives fine chemicals development key technology and industrialization".

  On the recommended 2018 institutions of higher learning according to the Ministry of Education science research outstanding achievement (science and technology) notice (teaching skill hall [2018] no. 2) and jiangsu province education department of civil affairs of the Ministry of Education in 2018 colleges and universities scientific research outstanding achievement (science and technology) recommendation work notice (Sue administrative division letter [2018] no. 6) and other relevant requirements, need to nominate the project situation, the main persons involved and the complete unit of the public, fair show period for July 13, 2018 to July 17, 2018. During the publicity period, if you have any objection, please contact the administration department (0559-3517138, by signing in writing or calling to visit.


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