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Hengyuan Group 2018 Annual Family Appreciation Meeting of Outstanding Employees

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  On the afternoon of March 1, 2019, a family appreciation meeting of hengyuan Group's 2018 excellent employees was held in the multi-function hall on the fifth floor of the company. Zhou Zi, Bao Jun and Zhan Manliang, the company's senior executives and the deputy director of human Resources department attended the event. The company leaders warmly welcomed the families of excellent employees who participated in the meeting.


  At the meeting, the leaders made important speeches in turn. In 2018, Hengyuan Group selected 21 outstanding employees, most of whom are from the front line. The outstanding achievements of excellent employees cannot be separated from the silent support and efforts of their families. The uncomplaining efforts of their families make the employees have less worries at home and devote themselves to their work. The development of the company cannot be separated from the efforts of every employee. The family members of excellent employees present also spoke in turn, thanking the company for its good reputation in the society and endorsing the company's corporate culture.

  Thanks for the employees' families' recognition and recognition of the company, Hengyuan Group will also make efforts to realize the double harvest of both material and spiritual achievements of all employees. Finally, all the participants took a group photo, and the family members of the outstanding employees were given gifts.

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