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Anhui Xinyuan Technology Co., Ltd. successfully completed the TFS audit

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  On November 12-13, 2018, Anhui Xinyuan Technology Co., Ltd. commissioned a third-party professional audit company DQS (DQS) to conduct a "Together for Sustainability" audit on our company. DQS audit experts conducted rigorous and detailed audit by means of on-site investigation, review of documents and records, verification of data, on-site sampling and employee interviews. The audit covered management, environment, health and safety, Labour and human rights and social responsibility. Audit experts fully affirmed our company at the final audit meeting, and highly recognized our company's operation. Especially in the interview, they highly appreciated our employees' ideological state. At the same time, it is evaluated as the most outstanding enterprise in Huangshan city!

  TFS certification with company quality, environment, occupational health and safety system certification is different, more focus on the company in the environmental safety, labor rights, business integrity, and anti-corruption measures, sustainable supply purchase these aspects and performance, focus on corporate social responsibility and sustainable development strategic concept.

  Through this TFS audit certification, for the company to join the global sustainable development strategy for the supplier has very important significance, it marks a global alliance of chemical companies recognition of anhui new far technology co., LTD., is the concentrated reflection of corporate brand core competitiveness, for the company "continuous innovation, the pursuit of first-class quality" has laid a solid foundation, win in the international competition in the global industry for us to be heard.

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