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Environmental protection

  Environmental Protection Initiative

Dear customers,

  We know that humans have only one village to live in -- the earth. But this village is being threatened by all kinds of environmental disasters of our own making: water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, shrinking vegetation, endangered species, landslides, lost rivers, garbage encloses, desertification, the greenhouse effect, the hole in the ozone layer and so on and so on.

  As villagers on this planet, as responsible businesses, as entrepreneurs with a sense of purpose, as knowledgeable employees, we can't just worry and complain, we have to take immediate action. We should be deeply aware that the work and life styles that consume resources and pollute the environment without economy and even damage the environment are the root causes of environmental deterioration. We are willing to choose the work and life styles that are conducive to the environment to treat the earth well. Green consumption, environmental procurement; To use repeatedly; reuse. Classified recycling, recycling; Protect nature and all things coexist.

  We hope that you and through you recommend the following environmental behaviors to those around you:

  Learn environmental protection knowledge, concern about environmental issues

  Save water, electricity, gas and coal

  Reduce the generation of waste water, waste and waste gas

  ★ Do sewage, waste gas treatment after the standard discharge

  Cherish paper and reuse it

  Paper and waste recycling

  Refuse excessive packaging, use less disposable products, save the earth's resources

  Garbage classification, save renewable resources

  ★ Choose public transport, less private cars on the street

  Raise flowers and plant grass at home to fight pollution

  Choose phosphorus - free washing powder to protect rivers and lakes

  Bring your own lunch box to reduce white pollution

  Report illegal discharge of pollutants

  Let's take action instead of action. Let's take action instead of action. Environmental protection is in our work every day, environmental protection is in our life every day.

  Anhui Hengyuan Group

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